Angel Circle
Friday 1st July
7:30-9:30pm | £15

The wonderful Victoria Paige, Angelic Reiki Master & Healer takes us through a beautiful 2 hours to connect with the vibration & healing the Angels have to offer.

Each monthly Circle is different;
Guided Meditations | learning to understand messages The Angels have for us | connecting with your Guardian Angel | receiving physical or emotional healing | reading Angel cards |
I always look forward to these magical evenings and ALWAYS come out feeling lighter and so much better

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Kundalini by the Moon
Monday 16th May 7:30-9:30pm | £25

A workshop of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Breathwork focused around putting down anything you've been carrying while really honouring the Full Moon energy of letting go, releasing, shifting.

May is a very busy month astrologically, lots & lots happening, all pointing toward the same theme of closures, ending cycles, completion.. all in order to rise.. Scorpio is connected to the phoenix rising from the ashes.. 
Scorpio is also all about transformation, the opportunity for real spiritual & deep transformation is here.. 

This Mondays class is all about shifting, bringing up all into your awareness that needs to end, letting go of anything holding you in the same pattern and blocking the closing of chapters.
Ready for the super fresh new energy coming! Very exciting stuff happening...

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Sound Healing Gong Bath
Friday 27th May
8-9pm | £15

A luxurious hour to go deep into relaxation on a journey of sound vibration & healing.

The Gong has been used in healing for thousands of years, the Gong very magically moves us out of our fight or flight response & into our bodies healing response of rest & digest where the deep healing and rejuvenation can occur.

No requirements to join, just come along and be ready to have a beautiful journey of relaxation.

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I hold monthly Gong bath sessions on the last Friday of each month
Kundalini by the Moon classes are Monthly on the Full moon 

On a Saturday every month I invite wonderful teachers and healers to hold special events & workshops here at House of Kundalini. 
Fascinating, healing & fun workshops of all kinds.

All are focused around wellbeing, health, happiness and spirituality from incredible people from around the UK and Europe

Contact me through the contact page if you would like to be kept updated with what is coming up

Previous workshops 
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