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Conscious Dance 
Music Journey . Cacao . Community
Live Dj set with guided music journey & Cacao

Lose yourself
Let go
Be in community
Rediscover your Freedom & Joy

Starting with a welcome circle & cacao to soften the heart & give a boost of uplifting energy, you will then be gently guided by me into the music and into your body, you’ll be given headphones for the most immersive sound experience.

Then simply allow my voice & the music, brought to you by my talented husband DJ Psilo, to take you on a journey through waves of sound and different states, building to high energy peaks & calming to deeper moments & finally ending on a soft relaxing note.

Movement meditation or conscious dance or ecstatic dance or conscious clubbing or sober raving, whatever you want to call it, is medicine.
It releases huge amounts of energy stored in the body, it also connects you deeply, in a primal way.. to your body, to each other, back to your heart & allows you to unleash your joy & feel the power of the innate freedom we all have but can sometimes forget.

Head to the LightClub website for more info & to book

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane 

By those who could not hear the music

The idea of creating the Lightclub has been in my head for many years, I love to party, I love house Music and spent many years clubbing in Ibiza. My house and my car and even my Yoga classes are filled with House Music of all kinds..
The problem I found was when I wanted to drink less and stop taking drugs.. you kind of have to stop partying and as you heal and grow, your vibration changes and you don't necessarily want to be in the intense environments where the good music usually is.

I really began to miss the escapism & connection that music and clubbing can give you.. I had the idea to create a space where we can dance, listen to incredible music that we can get lost in, lose all our inhibitions and release through the body... I also wanted somewhere to feel a connection to a community of people that are on the same page, that are also waking up.

I think that we're all missing some fundamentals in life...
Freedom . Music. Community. Unbridled joy & expression. Connection.

Thats what the lightclub is here to bring you, a place to be yourself, to connect with others around you through music with an open heart and somewhere we can all have some fun and let go a bit.

And isn't it JUST what we all need right now! 

Hope to see you there 

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