You can't wait for wealth to feel worthiness & abundance 

You can't wait for your success to feel empowered 

You can't wait for a new relationship to feel Love 

You can't wait for your healing to feel gratitude or wholeness

You can't wait for the mystical moment to feel awe


Thats the old model of reality, of cause & effect

Waiting for something outside of us to give us the relief of the emptiness & pain inside of us

And some people will spend their whole life in lack waiting for something to change

& if you're waiting then you're not creating

The quantum model of reality is about 

causing an effect

The moment you start feeling abundant & worthy you are generating wealth

The moment you start embracing the feeling of empowerment you are stepping toward success

The moment you're in love with yourself & in love with life you'll create an equal

And the moment you start feeling grateful & start feeling whole healing begins

The moment you're in awe of life you'll have a mystical experience

Now that's causing an effect

Dr Joe Dispenza 


I hold 2 Kundalini Yoga classes a week currently in person at my home studio 

 - House of Kundalini -

in Windlesham, Surrey


 Tuesday                Thursday

10-11:15am             7-8:30pm

Classes are a beautifully balanced mix of Mantra, breathwork, dynamic physical postures, deep relaxation and meditation filled with plenty of music

The aim to is build physical strength, enhance our vitality and balance our mind. I like to focus my classes on stress relief, we all live in such busyness with little time for ourselves or to truly switch off and move into our parasympathetic nervous system, this will be your time to reconnect to yourself, to reflect & to not be 'doing', we're all pretty good at that part :) 

 Kundalini yoga will strengthen your connection to yourself and the universe and it can be totally transformational!

Each class layout will be the same:

We tune in with a mantra to set the space and for protection, we then follow a kriya (set of exercises) focusing on a certain theme; the heart, back, releasing stress, for radiance, kidneys etc

We will then have a deep relaxation which may include the Gong being played to take your healing and relaxation to a new level

We generally finish with a meditation or Pranayama (breath exercise)

& end by tuning out with a mantra

The different kriyas are designed very specifically to release and shift our energy in a sequential order, this allows us to feel a physical and energetic shift very quickly.

My classes are limited to a maximum of 14 students which allows for an intimate and peaceful space where we can heal, release, cry, laugh & share