Classes are currently on pause while House of Kundalini moves to Farnham, Surrey


A beautiful new studio in Farnham is being built for us and will be ready for action by November 2022

I simply cannot wait to welcome you all there!!

Do still get in touch during this time, it is great to hear from you and connect.

Any questions regarding the retreats coming up or teacher training then feel free to send me a message here

Classes are a beautifully balanced mix of Mantra, breathwork, dynamic physical postures, deep relaxation and meditation filled with plenty of music

The aim to is enhance vitality, rebalance our chakra system, boost the immune system and soothe the nervous system but mainly the focus of the physical Kundalini yoga exercises is to prepare the mind.


In exerting ourselves physically, putting pressure on the glandular and cellular systems, working with the Meridians in the body we are causing a calming and adjusting of the mind, our mental space is cleared, negativity removed, busy minds become quiet. This is where the healing comes, from deep within, when we are balanced, grounded and reconnected.


We live in an incredibly chaotic world, where busy ness & stress is glorified, the pressure to do & achieve is overwhelming & the global change we are going through is extremely unbalancing. Learning vital tools to move through this life, this chaos, with patience, compassion, peace and a calm, intuitive heart is vital for a chance at happiness. 









Each class layout will be the same:

We tune in with a mantra to set the space and for protection, we then follow a kriya (a set of exercises) focusing on a certain theme such as the Heart, the Spine or releasing negativity 

We will then have a deep relaxation which may include the Gong being played to take your healing and relaxation to a new level

Music is a very important part of my classes, nothing works quicker than Music to uplift your energy very quickly, shift our feelings & emotions and to assist in going deeper within meditation

The different kriyas are designed very specifically to release and shift our energy in a sequential order, this allows us to feel a physical and energetic shift very quickly.