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Let me introduce myself...


Set your life on fire Dear

Seek those who fan your flames

 I'm Charlene, I teach Kundalini yoga from my home studio, House of Kundalini, Windlesham, Surrey & I hold beautiful retreats within the UK & Ibiza.

My experience with kundalini yoga has been life changing and transformational.

I first discovered yoga 18 years ago in a gym, I was always drawn to yoga but felt there was something missing. I tried many different styles over the years searching for something more than just physical exercise.


I was brought up surrounded by spirituality but my spiritual journey really began when I started to experience severe pain in my shoulder whilst working with horses, the 3 years that followed were consumed by finding a cure for this chronic pain to which nobody could seem to find an answer for. I soon realized that my issue was a metaphysical one and my healing would come from a more holistic approach focusing on emotional trauma as opposed to physical.


During this search for healing I found Kundalini yoga, whilst visiting Ibiza in 2012 I joined a yoga class and I had the wow moment I had been searching for. Bingo! I’d found it, everything just clicked into place for me.

I soon started to notice so many things in my life start to shift, things were happening suddenly that helped me progress on my spiritual journey and I found myself feeling as though I was on my right path, the pain in my shoulder vanished​.

My inspiration to begin teaching came after falling pregnant, I was guided to a wonderful teacher and delved fully into Kundalini yoga. My pregnancy was absolutely transformed and I began to feel energised & excited for the labour instead of terrified. My labour was a beautiful, empowering and pain free experience (yes, pain free). I put that down to reconnecting to myself through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga & learning to trust my body & the baby.

My 2nd pregnancy and then labour also went on to be wonderful experiences.

After having such epic experiences with this Yoga, I couldn't NOT share it and this is when I began to build the idea for

House of Kundalini

Building this community has been life changing for me, being surrounded by amazing people, sharing these incredible teachings​ & witnessing the magic and change of peoples state in real time is truly divine.

Being able to take people through healing and reconnection during retreats is what I truly love, being witness to the radical transformation, the deep healing and the realisations in a beautiful space is a dream for me. The honour of watching people reconnecting with their Souls, is why I do what I do.


We live in an incredibly chaotic world, where busy ness & stress is glorified, the pressure to do & achieve is overwhelming & the global change we are going through is extremely unbalancing.. I am learning vital tools to move through this life, this chaos, with patience, compassion, peace and a calm, intuitive heart. I am able to self balance & truly rely on my connection to myself & the Universe which is just transformational.

Sharing with people all that I've learnt on the ways of coping with Stress, with managing emotions and releasing trauma lights me up, its such a passion and a joy 

Lots of love



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