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We find ourselves in a time of doing.. where being busy is glorified, the more we are doing, the more productive we seem to be, the better. 

This is deemed 'successful'. 

There is such a heavy focus on how much we are achieving, we are in a time of being more, doing more & having more. 

This societal structure leaves very little room for rest and an understanding of rest being a high priority. 

How wonderful to have day, where you can just be, where you can focus on just yourself and your needs and to simply have fun, chat, laugh & do the things you enjoy

With the high demands that are being put on people, it is vital now, more than ever, that we take time for ourselves. That we put ourselves as the priority and take time out of the commotion, the information overload & the pressure of time.

This one day Retreat will offer you that space.

The space to reconnect & breathe.

We will join together for a full day to enjoy highly nutritious and delicious meals, juices and treats, to be inspired by high vibrational food.

We will practice Kundalini yoga, to open up the body and the breath, to reconnect to yourself and boost all the feel good hormones.

There will be plenty of time to enjoy the stunning surroundings.. 

Explore the 500 acres of our own ancient woodland, meadows and valleys, swim in the luxurious pool, relax in the many lounges or curl up next to the fire with a book.

 Share, connect and talk with other like minded souls and allow the nervous system to be fully & completely soothed.

I feel that right now, these experiences are a necessity for our own happiness and our health, it is such an important practice to show others how vital it is to take care of ourselves and put your needs before others.

This is Self Love & it is our duty to lead the way. 

I can't wait to share these transformational days with you all



Saturday 25th March 23 

9am - 9pm

Cost | £225 

Per person, fully inclusive of all meals & workshops

Holistic treatments are available to book at an additional cost

Accommodation can be booked on site for an extra cost

£150 per room per night

Contact me here to book

What you're day will look like

9 Welcome juice

 9-30 Kundalini yoga

11 Brunch

12:30 Workshop, Meditation

2-6 Relax, explore the area, swim,

sleep, treatments

6:30 Kundalini yoga, breathwork

7:30 Dinner

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